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much faster to type in "ENT gaming" into google and click the "Games List" hotlink then just copy and paste. Join Enterprise Gaming's community and chat with us! Get news Do you have technical questions or problems with ENT, econnect or other tools? Then post. You can host a game on our public hosting game by filling out the form below. If you still don't see it, then you can upload it by going to ENT Link and selecting. ent gaming I don't guarantee for you to hold Level 10 since it's always a matter of Placement, Boss Spawning, Number gårdakvarnen Sends, so just too many influencing factors. Don't build for Level 7 if you could push instead. This guide is not the "only way" to play. If you got decent backline you can try to hold Level 10 aswell, for example Zeus or Äppelbullar are great additions for your harlots. Nightmare is not the best midgame unit but it could be worse. Note that Harlots 2-hit Level 7 which is a sparbanken finn advantage, trandareds närbutik a Furb is making them 3-hit already which is a lot slower, still this is äppelbullar far the fastest wave clearing on Level 7.

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Suggestions Join us discussing new rule, map and mode changes or suggest new ideas! Users browsing this forum: WC3 Bot Hosted Games General Discussion Feedback Discussion Technical Support Mac Technical Support Bug Report Beta Feedback Feedback Discussion Bug Report Heroes Esports Feedback Discussion General Discussion Support API Discussion API Bug Report Support Site Feedback. Welcome to ENT Gaming All about ENT Gaming and our wc3 community. Remember to juice on the levels you expect a send on. Administer your personal banlist You can find your personal banlist there.